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About Us!



Veste by Maria is not another fashion resale point!

Much more than simply marketing Textile, Footwear or Fashion Accessories, we are committed to the ideal of creating unique pieces that match the style of consumers.

Unique rags like you!

Each human being is unique, has behaviors and tendencies of exclusive identity and it is in this maxim that we base the creative development and personalization of the models, making each piece a unique work of singular character.

Aware of the universal trends, Veste by Maria seeks for innovative solutions and combinations, giving exclusive details to the pieces. Our client knows that in contrast to the mass production of the big multinationals in the industry, using our stamp, is making a difference and guaranteeing the exclusivity of a production based on the refinement and the detailed and unique personalization.

With our concern for the use of high quality raw materials and basic manufacturing that conforms to the highest and strictest parameters of portuguese production, our creations are based on a solid foundation that guarantees a durability and behavior that will drive them for a long period of usability.

The know-how of years with the consumers, lead us to meet your expectations.

That piece that everyone has, and I also want to have …only with a different application and just for me!

And it is in this proximity that we want to continue to invest, so that:

What we like to do most becomes what our customers would most like to have!